The Gift of Food

So, everyone’s thinking what’s the big deal with food? Food is not a gift! Well, think again, at Ecochic Design we believe food is all about the stories that define our lives. When we discover something new about someone this is shared over a glass of wine, a coffee date or simply a fabulous dinner.

Now, we’re not encouraging run of the mill pre-packaged foods, we’re emphasizing artisan spreads, locally made cheeses, breads, chocolate, crackers and of course locally grown fruits and much more. What better way to bring people together right? Our memories and thoughts can be provoked through taste, touch and smell.

Our mission is to provide a memory, a thought, a motivation through food, flavours and culture. The question is do we really need another “thing” to collect dust and create clutter in our lives. The answer is simple “NO”.

We’ve been working extremely hard over the last few years to simplify our gift giving programs and to continue our mindful journey of sustainability …

Our new “TASTE IT” program is new for 2010/2011 and is designed for forward thinking corporations and businesses of all sizes who want to take their companies and team members to the next level. The goal is to take 1-2 hours once a week to reflect, motivate and inspire thought through food.

Using food as appreciation is a common language and beyond nourishing our body… what we eat can inspire us and strengthen bonds between cultures, communities and business relationships.