When Ecochic Design was founded in 2002, we knew that the journey was going to be sophisticated, unique and not typical. We’ve always been mindful of the environment since day one without compromising style. It’s a true gift design firm, who believes in creative expression through gift giving. Our inspiration is drawn from countless individuals, our extensive travels throughout the world, by conversations and by listening. Listening? Well, it allows our clients to share their ideas and to determine creative solutions that work best for them.

Our gifts are reflections of your corporate identity and how they are presented is a crucial part of our success. Whether it’s locally made preserves or locally grown flowers placed beautifully in your gift or beautiful silk fabric… it’s what makes us “US”… nothing more… nothing less…..

We compliment our competitors, we do not insult their missions to make ourselves look and feel better and support every entrepreneur in their journey.

Our team at Ecochic Design has all the design expertise and flare to create fabulous gifts.